A Bit About Us

Danielle's Dog Delights came from the love of our pup, Churro! Being very particular about his treats, Churro would often stare instead of eating them. So, instead of wasting money on his picky palette, we decided to make our own. That's how Danielle's Dog Delights was born!


We pride ourselves on offering a superior shopping experience and in the long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers. Pay us a visit and try for yourself!


We aspire to produce amazing homemade dog treats that taste as good as they look. We put love and quality ingredients into every baked dog good that we serve in order to meet your highest gourmet dog treat.

All ingredients are human grade with NO added sugar, NO salts,  NO added additives, or NO added fillers
• Nothing is pre-made.

• Every item is produced to order.


There is something so joyful about seeing the delight on a dog's face. The wholesomeness and genuineness in their eyes automatically elicit a smile.  For us, gourmet dog treats are not just a hobby to pass time, it’s a state of mind, a time of day, a pleasure, a celebration, and enjoyment. We love all wiggle butts small and tall, and it shows.